Futuristic vehicle.
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Our studio spearheads a content production revolution, reshaping standards in efficiency, affordability, and sustainability.
At Hello Fello, we don’t conjure animations magically; it all begins with a spark of inspiration. We immerse ourselves in research, brainstorm ideas, blend concepts, and sketch diligently until we are certain that the idea not only takes shape but also perfectly aligns with the project’s objectives. Additionally, we gladly bring these ideas to life for agencies, working from a finalized creative treatment.
Our studio is the beating heart of our creative process. With a deep understanding of efficient CGI animation workflows, we can produce variations of the same product video in multiple languages, distinguishing between formats like GIFs and mp4s.
Futuristic building with tree.
Futuristic building, trees
Above all, we’re animated by our passion for the craft. We aspire for every movement on the screen to exude beauty. This is why we commit ourselves tirelessly, working from early mornings to late nights, to deliver excellence to our clients. At Hello Fello, we are an animation company and motion design studio, the first choice for brands and agencies alike.

Our Services


Produce premium 3D animations for your marketing and advertising needs. Unlock the potential of exploring innovative concepts that may be costly or challenging to realize in the physical realm. Leveraging the versatility of 3D technology enables the seamless execution of visionary ideas through CGI, providing limitless creative possibilities for your projects.

Walk-throughs (VR)

Take your architectural developments to the next level with captivating CGI visuals. Our services include dynamic walk-throughs and immersive fly-throughs (VR) for real estate sector, homes and institutions, allowing you to showcase your latest projects in a visually stunning manner, thereby enhancing your marketing materials.

Concept Videos

Present your latest model comprehensively, allowing viewers to explore it from every angle, while also having the flexibility to adjust lighting, colors, and textures as desired. Additionally, we offer the option to seamlessly integrate your products into real-world scenarios, effectively illustrating how they function in practical situations.

3D Product Videos

In search of engaging explainer videos that vividly depict processes, features, usage, and even offer 360-degree rotations to showcase your product comprehensively? If you're aiming to breathe life into a concept for an upcoming advertising campaign, look no further. Our expertise lies in crafting immersive 3D animated videos that bring your vision to vibrant reality.

Industrial Animation

In industrial animation, we leverage visual storytelling techniques to effectively showcase tools, industrial machinery, intricate processes, and various technical aspects within a range of industries. This medium serves as a powerful tool for businesses to communicate their operations, methodologies, and the unique aspects of their industry in a visually engaging and informative manner. Whether it's demonstrating the functionality of complex machinery or illustrating the step-by-step processes involved in manufacturing, industrial animation provides an accessible and comprehensive way to convey intricate industrial details to a wider audience.

As an animation company based in Dubai, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with renowned global brands as well as cherished local businesses. At our core, we’re driven by an unwavering love for our craft, pouring the same fervor and commitment into every animation project, regardless of its scale or origin. Whether you represent a brand in pursuit of exceptional content or an agency seeking a steadfast partner, we’ve proudly cemented our position as one of Dubai’s premier animation studios.


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    We create how brands think, feel, look, talk, act and respond across all touch points, and make it a pleasure for your audience, to experience them.